‘Poppy by Mail’ relaunched for 2021 by Branch 14 (RMR Association)

Westmount, Quebec – 01 November 2021: Branch 14 (RMR Association), a Royal Canadian Legion branch located in Westmount, today launched “Poppy By Mail”, a website that allows Canadians to make a donation securely online and receive a poppy by mail: www.poppybymail.ca.

This service is provided entirely by unpaid volunteers, with all proceeds going directly to the Legion Poppy Fund. Branch 14 (RMR Association) pledges to mail them the same day that donations are received, however delivery times will vary according to Canada Post. This initiative has been set up to fulfil individual family orders only. Maximum of five (5) poppies per donation. Bulk orders (schools, institutions, etc.) are encouraged to visit the Legion’s Dominion Command for alternative solutions.

“There is a tremendous demand from Canadians,” says Colin Robinson, veteran and Honorary Colonel, RMR. “The poppy is one the most powerful Canadian cultural symbols, and we’re not letting Covid prevent us from Remembering in a safe fashion. Our veteran ancestors always found a way to prevail in the face of adversity, adapting and overcoming in their struggles with the enemy. Well, today Covid-19 is our new enemy and we will not be defeated.”

“We’re very fortunate to have a membership comprised of a lot of younger veterans”, says Comrade Sue Guerin, President of Branch 14 (RMR Association). “Most Legion branches aren’t as lucky as we are, but even we’re restricted by social distancing requirements and have had to close two-thirds of our usual poppy kiosks. This is a way for people to still get their poppy and conduct the act of Remembrance.”

To order your poppy, please visit:  https://poppybymail.ca/

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