Private Morneau wins CO’s Challenge Trophy

L->R: Pte Morneau, LCol Shone

Farnham, Quebec – 28 August 2017: Private Morneau won the RMR’s infamous “Back Breaker” competition this Sunday in Farnham, completing the 13 kilometre forced march in full gear (tactical vest, rucksack, helmet, weapon, and gas mask) in one hour and 42 minutes. A minimum weight of 35 kg is carried by each participant.

This earned him the Commanding Officer’s Challenge Trophy, which was brought back into use by LCol Shone.  Ironically, the last time it was awarded (2008) the winner that year had recorded precisely the same time (1h42) as Private Morneau!

Congratulations to Private Morneau – way to set the standard!

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