The SOLDIER’S TROPHY (MOST IMPROVED SOLDIER) is presented annually at the Church Parade to the soldier deemed to have improved the most during the previous training year.  Section Commanders provide nominations through the chain of command, and officers commanding companies defend their selections before the Commanding Officer.  Selection criteria include: attendance (the soldier must have improved his/her attendance),fitness (the soldier must have improved his/her level of physical fitness), professional competence(the soldier must have improved his/her ability to execute his/her functions.  Normally this implies moving from maximum or normal supervision, to minimum supervision, and the capacity to seek and accept extra responsibility.  Improvements in drill, dress and deportment are also implied), and peer evaluation (the soldier’s peers must consider him/her to have significantly improved his/her contribution to the group).

Corporal Jean-Philippe Vallières receiving his trophy from Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Colin Robinson, CD - 03 May 2015
Corporal Jean-Philippe Vallières receiving his trophy from Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Colin Robinson, CD – 03 May 2015

The trophy was donated in June 1991 by Captain M.R. McDonald (PPCLI) and Warrant Officer Gaudreau, MMM, CD (R22eR), both serving at the time as Regular Force Support Staff to the RMR.

In 2015 the trophy was awarded to Corporal Jean-Philippe Vallières, who serves as a Rifleman in “A” company. He joined the RMR in March 2012 and he currently serving on his first overseas deployment (Op REASSURANCE), deployed with 3e R22eR.

His favourite memory of serving with the Regiment includes all of the tactical field exercises, flying in the back of a Griffon helicopter,and being challenged as an Infantryman – but also celebrating during mess dinners and the annual Christmas dinner. He reflects that “these moments will stay forever in my memory. We learn a lot in the RMR, not only in the field but also in the Armoury.  We are led by great leaders and this is very important for a young Corporal of The Royal Montreal Regiment. Je me sens à ma place au RMR et j’ai encore beaucoup à voir avec mes membres de mon Regiment.”

Born and raised in Pierrefonds, Corporal Vallières works in construction in his civilian life.  His comments on being awarded the Soldier Trophy for being recognized as the most improved soldier in the Regiment were Winning this trophy made me become more confident and proud about my career in the Canadian Forces. It’s an honour for me to be part of the Royal Montreal Regiment. It gave me an extra boost of perseverance. Hard work, involving myself and perseverance made me a better soldier and this is what we learn in RMR. Never give up! This trophy makes me want to work even harder.

His advice to other soldiers who might want to win the same trophy in the future is to never give up, work hard, involve yourself in any type of exercise and staying strong through all challenges. We are a big family and everyone has to put efforts. It is not always easy whether you’re at school or civilian job but being present is really important for all members of RMR. Perseverance is the key. Se démarquer et toujours mettre plus vont faire de nous de meilleurs soldat et un meilleur Régiment parmis la 34e Brigade. Il est important que chacun d’entre nous prennent ça place au Regiment!

Congratulations to Corporal Vallières, he deserves his trophy – best of luck with his deployment!

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.


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