Promotion during a Pandemic

Lieutenant-Colonel Shone (left) congratulating Major Ruiz-Lang (right). Photo credit: Master-Corporal Jaggi

Westmount, Quebec – 12 June 2020: In a small ceremony that is certainly a ‘sign of the times’, the RMR’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel John Shone promoted Major Dexter Ruiz-Lang, Officer Commanding ‘B’ Coy, in a physically distanced fashion on the parade square last Monday 08 June 2020.

Left to right: Lieutenant-Colonel Shone, Major Ruiz-Lang, and Warrant Officer Anctil. Photo credit: Master-Corporal Jaggi

The only guest permitted was the Acting RSM, Warrant Officer Andrew Anctil, who carefully supervised to ensure that for all photos with hand shakes the participants washed hands before and after to maintain good COVID 19 hygiene, and for all photos without masks were taken at a 2 meter distance.

Congratulations to Major Ruiz-Lang.

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