CWO Golban is presented a Commanding Officer’s Coin by the CO for CTC Vernon, LCol Prince in recognition of his exemplary work with the Military Band Musician program.

Article written by Captain John Wylie, Administration Officer/Unit Public Affairs Representative, RCACC 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR)


Pointe-Claire, Quebec – 14 October 2023: This past summer saw over 20 cadets from RCACC 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR) attend summer training courses and employment opportunities across Quebec and Canada. Three cadets in particular distinguished themselves in terms of their performance during their training or employment. 

CWO Golban received a Commanding Officer’s Coin from Lieutenant-Colonel Prince in recognition of his exemplary work with the Military Band Musician course at Cadet Training Centre Vernon. As his Platoon Commander said, “His performance ingrained discipline and respect among the course cadets. His actions brought positive impacts for not only his colleagues and subordinates, but also the adult staff members.”

WO Lavrinenko is presented the LGen J.E. Vance Leadership Award during the inaugural Graduation Parade at CTC Vernon for the newly created Mountain Bike Instructor course. 

WO Lavrinenko received the Lieutenant-General J.E. Vance Leadership Award on the Mountain Bike Instructor Course run out of HMCS Quadra Cadet Training Centre. This was his first time attending a summer training course, and he took full advantage of the opportunity, becoming known for his eagerness to learn, the strong support he gave to his fellow cadets and his positive attitude.

On September 30, 2023 Sgt Lu is presented his Order of St. George Medal by Captain Thomas, CD, Commanding Officer of RCACC 2806.

WO Lu who worked as an eLearning Facilitator with the Summer Digital Learning Centre received the Order of St. George for his sense of organization, exceptional leadership abilities and great sense of initiative. During his employment he was tasked with teaching several courses including Cyber Safety and Security, Cadet Administration and Supply Assistant and the eLearning component of the Air Rifle Marksmanship Instructor course.



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