Competitors in action at the inaugural RMR Affiliated Unit Marksmanship Competition.

Story by: Captain John Wylie, UPAR RCACC 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR)

POINTE-CLAIRE – On Saturday, March 2, 2024 the first The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) Affiliated Unit Marksmanship Competition took place at RCACC 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR). The competition brought all four cadet units affiliated with the regiment together in the spirit of friendly competition and marksmanship prowess. Cadets competed using the Daisy 853-C and Avanti 853-C Cadet Air rifles, shooting in the prone position at a total of 40 targets located 10 metres away over the course of two relays. For some, this may sound easy, but when faced with bullseyes no larger than a 2 mm in diameter, a time limit of 30 minutes to sight and hit all of your targets, and having to try to maintain your natural alignment while using a pump lever action rifle, the reality is that precision shooting with the cadet air rifle is quite the difficult skill to master. 

Participants in the inaugural Affiliated Unit Marksmanship Competition pose for a group photo.

The winning team of this year’s competition was RCACC 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR) who scored a 1261 out of a possible 1600. They were followed by RCACS 1 West Montreal in 2nd place, RCACS 588 Eric Simms in 3rd place and RCACS 1 Westmount in 4th place. The overall top shot for the competition belonged to Master Warrant Officer J. Bustillo from RCACS 2806 who scored a 348 out of 400.

Cadets taking careful aim.

As the winning unit, RCACC 2806 team was presented with the Badger Trophy. The badger was chosen in recognition of its role as the mascot of the RMR’s Bravo Company and the qualities of power, tenacity, persistence, determination and endurance it represents. Qualities that are often found in the best marksman.

RCACC 2806 shooting team proudly display their tropy

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