RCACC 2862 RMR Cadet Corps 54th Annual Ceremonial Review features a Change of Command

RCACC 2862 RMR Cadet Corps members pose on the parade square on the occasion on their 54th Annual Ceremonial Review.

Article written by Captain Rolanda Murphy

Westmount, Quebec – 31 May 2024: Captain J. Mo took over as Commanding Officer of RCACC 2862 from Captain Eric Simon. RCACC 2862 extends their appreciation for his leadership. We also acknowledge the departure and transfer of Captain Murphy, Training Officer, from RCACC 2862 RMR to 588 Eric Simms Squadron. Captain Murphy writes:

I would like to take this time to express my most sincere gratitude and appreciation for having had the privilege and honour of serving with RCAC 2862 RMR for the past 14 years.I first joined as a civilian volunteer in the fall of 2010 and has had the pleasure of maturing from a young officer to a more experienced officer in the past 14 years.

My time at 2862 allowed me the honour of being part of a fantastic Officer staff team and connecting with numerous families and cadets as well as the RMR family. To the parents, thank you for sharing your cadets with our unit.

My time at 2862 saw me through two deployments to Rocky Mountain Cadet Training Center in Alberta and many numerous cadet activities in the Montreal West area.

My time at 2862 has come to an end. I will be moving forward to another unit in the next training year. It is not good bye, but ’til we meet again.

As in the movie Nanny McPhee, I share the same words:

“When you need me, but do not want me, I must stay. When you want me but no longer need me, I must go”.

To our cadets: I am proud of each and every one of you. Continue to learn and stand proud as one of Canada’s future leaders.

To the officer staff of 2862 : Thank you for the camaraderie and friendship.

To The Royal Montreal Regiment members: Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

– Captain Murphy

Captain Rolanda Murphy

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