RCACC # 2862 (RMR)


2862 cadets participating in the annual Poppy campaign to promote Remembrance

In October 1969, LCol R. C. P. Lawson commanding, a start was made to establish a Regiment Cadet Corps under the guidance of Lt (later Capt) R. E. Pedley, who came to the RMR from the City of Pointe Claire Cadet Corps to organise and recruit the necessary personnel.

CC2862 has been the affiliated army cadet corps of The Royal Montreal Regiment ever since.  We train at the RMR Armory every Friday evening from 18:30 to 21:30, from September to June.  We have optional activities such as marching band, marksmanship and sports on Thursday evenings and weekends.

Cadets is a federally-sponsored program for young Canadians ages 12 to 19 who are interested in participating in a variety of challenging and rewarding activities. There are no registration fees, dues or cost for the uniforms, the basic Cadet Program or summer training programs. Army cadets receive a parade uniform, as well as a field training uniform (combats, as we spend a lot of time outdoors learning survival, hiking and bushcraft skills).  As an army cadet, you have opportunities to apply for regional, provincial, national and international expeditions that include trekking, orienteering, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, horseback riding, dog sledding, and many other activities.  Army cadets can apply for international cadet exchange programs in the summer, as well as the Canadian Forces Basic Parachutist course, in addition to local summer training programs.  Senior cadets can apply for summer employment as instructors and support staff at cadet summer camps.

CC2862 Dragon Boat Race

Cadets are encouraged to become active, responsible members of their communities. They learn valuable life and work skills like teamwork, leadership, and citizenship. Cadets also reap the personal benefits of increased self-confidence and physical fitness, learning how to take initiative, and how to make decisions. Cadets make valuable contributions to Canadian society on a daily basis in terms of environmental, citizenship and community activities.

Cadets are not part of the Canadian Forces, nor is there any expectation for them to join the military.  However, many cadets become Cadet Instructor Cadre (CIC) officers, who train and mentor cadets in local cadet corps throughout Canada.  It is an amazing experience and opportunity to have part-time employment while performing a valuable service for the youth in our communities.

In the words of retired Brigadier General Ian Douglas “My mother wanted me to become a doctor, but I got into cadets at age 11 and they really influenced my life’s goal.  I saw structure; that sort of thing grabbed me.  The following summer my parents couldn’t afford to send me to summer camp so I went to cadet camp.  I met a lot of fellows my age who felt the same way as I did.  And the discipline was there; we made our own beds, not like at home…… I saw the ability to contribute.”

At CC2862, our objective this training year is to reach out to all the youth in our communities in order to share this terrific program with as many young people as possible.  The cadet program is an excellent way for new members of our communities to perfect their English and French language skills.  If you enjoy being active and want to expand your life skills in a safe environment with qualified adult instructors and supervisors, the army cadet program is for you! We welcome new members every Friday evening!

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