RCACS 588 Eric Simms takes part in Montreal’s Greek Independence Day parade

Members of RCACS 588 Eric Simms salute as they pass in front of the parade’s dignitaries

Story by: Lieutenant (N) John Wylie, UPAR RCACC 2806 Pointe-Claire (RMR)

PARC EXTENSION, 30 March 2024 – Cadets from RCACS 588 Eric Simms Squadron marched in Montreal’s Greek Independence Day parade held in Parc-Extension on Sunday, March 23, 2024. This year’s parade was particular special with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis taking part in the event. The parade is seen as an opportunity for Montreal’s Greek community to come together to commemorate the struggles of their ancestors as the fought for freedom from the Ottoman Empire and to celebrate their culture. For one of the cadets, this event was particularly important to them, “My great-grandmother actually helped build most of the churches that you see today. There’s always been a sense of moving forward and progressing together as one big happy family,” said Warrant Officer First Class Velentzas.

Members of the Combined 588/621 Cadet Band

For other cadets, this was a chance for them to do something new and exciting while learning a little more about another culture. “It was very fun. There are a lot of important political figures here and so getting to march in front of them and getting to see them in person is such an honour and a privilege,” said Corporal Nallamuthu Senthilkumar. “It’s always fun to try something new like this and to get out of your comfort zone.”

RCACS 588 Flag Party under the command of Warrant Officer 2nd Class Micu

Participation in community events like this one is just one way that the Cadet program hopes to strengthen Canadian communities by instilling a strong sense of pride in the inclusive nature and rich diversity within Canadian society.

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