Read All About It! Intercom back issues available online

Example RMR newsletters over the past 100+ years

Westmount, Quebec – 04 July 2021: The RMR Museum has completed digitizing all 111 copies of the RMR’s newsletters that is has in its collection, and has made them available online. Special thanks to MWO (ret’d) John Frezza for donating his copies of editions from the 1980’s to the early 2000’s, and to Melanie Presseau-Dumais who completed the digitizing project. All can be found online at, where a distinct ‘Intercom’ tab has been created to consolidate them.

The INTERCOM is the RMR family’s newsletter, which originally started as “The Bugler” in 1914 on the troopship carrying the 14th Bn (RMR) overseas. Censorship quickly squashed the initiative, but the RMR tried again in 1916 with “The Growler” (which was also squashed!). There are copies of both the Bugler and the Growler available in the collection.

In WW2 the RMR had two battalions, one overseas from 1939-45, and a second ‘Home’ unit stationed in Westmount. In an effort to boost morale and keep the lines of communication open between the two battalions, the “Intercomn” (“n” intentional) was born. 

The current “Intercom” is published monthly and is intended to keep the friends & family of the Regiment up to speed with the accomplishments of the current serving members of the Regiment and all affiliated organizations.

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