Reflecting on Remembrance Day

Soldiers from the RMR and Cadets from Pointe-Claire (2806) Cadet Corps patiently wait in the rain for the Pointe-Claire Remembrance ceremony to begin, November 2022. Photo credit: LCol (ret’d) Colin Robinson.

Westmount, Quebec – 25 October 2023: The following was taken from a communication written by Warrant Officer Jonathan Carson explaining the significance of Remembrance Day parades to RMR soldiers. The editor consider it particularly poignant and wants to share with the readers:

“Remembrance Day is not really about the parade, the dignitaries, or the ceremony. It is a day for reflecting on our past, remembering those who are no longer with us, and reaffirming the bonds that exist between those of us who remain. The parade is the public acknowledgement of these values, but the real reflection, remembrance, and reaffirmation take place within us as individuals and between us as members of the Regimental family. 

Remembrance Day is not only a cornerstone of military culture, it is also an opportunity for generations of the Royal Montreal Regiment to come together, share stories, and create bonds that span generations of service. It is a day that I revere for its sombre nature and deeply appreciate as a reunion with present and former comrades in arms. 

I hope that these sentiments resonate with you and, maybe, give you a new perspective on what these parades, and Remembrance Day more broadly, mean to us all.” 

Lest We Forget

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