RIP: John Richard Brian (Dick) Steacie

Westmount, Quebec – 20 August 2023: The RMR Foundation regrets to announce the death of Mr. Dick Steacie, a friend of the Regiment who was quite generous in supporting the RMR Museum’s expansion and outreach activities. Dick was named after his grandfather, Richard Steacie, the first RMR officer killed in combat and whose original “unknown” headstone now resides within the RMR Museum as the keystone of it’s WW1 exhibition. You can read the entire story here.

Dick was instrumental in the Steacie family subsequently donating Captain Steacie’s sword (which is on display to remind all leaders within the Regiment to ‘Lead from the Front’), as well as some scrapbooks maintained by Captain Steacie’s son Edgar, which has provided valuable historical information on the formation of the Regiment, insight into the social history of the period, as well as examples of such things as the RMR’s first Christmas cards ever issued.

Dick was a veteran himself, having served in WW2 aboard the frigate HMCS St. Stephen as an Able Seaman on the north Atlantic run.

Lest We Forget.

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