RMR Association to Host Citizenship Ceremony on 23 April 2024

Stock image of a citizenship ceremony, courtesy of the Institute for Canadian Citizenship (ICC)

Westmount, Quebec – 23 March 2024: Branch 14 (RMR Association) of the Royal Canadian Legion is honoured to announce it will be hosting a Canadian Citizenship Ceremony on April 23, 2024. This momentous event will take place at the regiment’s armoury, located at 4625 Ste-Catherine Street West, Westmount, Quebec. The ceremony will take place on the parade square and begin at 11h00 sharp.

As a symbol of our commitment to inclusivity and community engagement, the ceremony is open to the public and will welcome new citizens into the Canadian family, embodying the values of unity, diversity, and strength that Canada stands for. The RMR Association is proud to facilitate this important milestone in the lives of new Canadians and to celebrate the enriching diversity they bring to our nation.

The ceremony promises to be a memorable occasion, not only for the new citizens but for the entire community, as we come together to welcome our newest members. The RMR Association looks forward to sharing this special day with all who attend.

What happens at the ceremony

During the ceremony, participants will:

  • take the Oath of Citizenship
  • get their citizenship certificate
  • sign the Oath or Affirmation of Citizenship form
  • sing the national anthem, O Canada

A citizenship judge or official will preside over the ceremony and lead the Oath of Citizenship. The ceremony official will say the oath in English and in French. As a group, participants will repeat the words to the oath in at least one of the official languages (encouraged to say them in both).

Once participants have taken the Oath of Citizenship, they’ll be a Canadian citizen. They’ll be given their citizenship certificate as proof that they’re a Canadian citizen.

Oath of Citizenship

I swear (or affirm)
That I will be faithful
And bear true allegiance
To His Majesty
King Charles the Third
King of Canada
His Heirs and Successors
And that I will faithfully observe
The laws of Canada
Including the Constitution
Which recognizes and affirms
The Aboriginal and treaty rights of
First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples
And fulfil my duties
As a Canadian citizen.

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