RMR Busy With Summer Training

Members of the RMR in Valcartier, 15 July 2022, left to right: Honorary Colonel Robinson, Corporals Wooden, Pratt, and Subtil, and Master-Warrant Officer Quesnel. Photo credit: Major Ruiz-Lang.

Westmount, Quebec – 17 July 2022: The RMR is well represented within the 2nd Division’s Individual Training systems spread across the province of Quebec. From Valcartier to St-Hubert to Farnham and a host of other smaller locations, the RMR’s members can be found working hard as either candidates, instructors, or infrastructure support personnel.

In fact, at the time of writing, the RMR had 30 candidates, nine instructors, and 28 infrastructure support personnel (67 total members serving 2 Division’s individual training efforts in one capacity or another). The RMR is the most represented of any Reserve unit in 34 Brigade Group, something that all members can be proud of.

Individual training is one of the main reasons for why the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) is successful in operations. For example, before any of these young Corporals pictured above are actually given command of a 10-person section of soldiers, they will have been trained in theory and exercised in practical situations that intentionally resemble exactly what they will be doing in operations (i.e. “doing their job”). Once they have been taught the theory and then exercised repeatedly, they will be formally evaluated, again both theoretical and practical to make sure they meet the one common standard throughout the entire CAF.

The fact that the RMR takes its responsibilities related to individual training so seriously speaks volumes about the unit and its ethos.