RMR candidates participating in “Experimental Infantry Company”


The RMR’s Command Team (RSM, MWO Jim Quesnel far left, CO, LCol Maciej Jonasz, far right) visiting RMR candidates in Farnham in June 2023.

Westmount, Quebec – 16 June 2023: The RMR command team visited the RMR candidates participating in the “Experimental Infantry Company” today in Farnham, Quebec. This is a test concept to qualify soldiers DP1 Infantry with more of a focus on the “on the job” format style training. This is a departure from the traditional DP1 Infantry course which is a fundamental training program conducted by the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) for newly enlisted infantry soldiers. Spanning a duration of several weeks, the course aims to equip recruits with the essential skills and knowledge required to serve effectively in an infantry unit. The curriculum encompasses a wide range of subjects, including individual weapon handling, marksmanship, tactical movement, fieldcraft, navigation, first aid, and communication. Recruits undergo rigorous physical training to enhance their endurance, strength, and combat readiness. The course also emphasizes team-building exercises and instills discipline and leadership qualities. Through classroom instruction, practical exercises, and field training, DP1 Infantry prepares soldiers for the challenges and demands of operating in various operational environments. Successful completion of the course signifies that recruits have attained a baseline level of proficiency in infantry skills, laying the foundation for further specialized training and their subsequent service as infantry soldiers in the CAF.

The RMR’s Captain Ross McLaughlin is the “Experimental Infantry Company” 2ic. At the time of the visit, half of the company’s soldiers had been deployed on OP LENTUS to fight the Quebec forest fires, the remainder are in Farnham. Op LENTUS is the Canadian Armed Forces’ domestic response operation aimed at providing assistance during natural disasters and emergencies in Canada. It involves deploying military personnel, equipment, and resources to support civil authorities in disaster-stricken areas. Op LENTUS focuses on tasks such as search and rescue, evacuations, providing emergency medical aid, restoring essential services, and supporting affected communities. The operation requires close coordination with local, provincial, and federal agencies to ensure a timely and effective response. Op LENTUS plays a crucial role in safeguarding Canadians during times of crisis and facilitating the recovery and rebuilding process in the aftermath of natural disasters.

You can read more about the RMR’s past participation in Op LENTUS deployments here.

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