RMR Change of Command

Written by Captain Nathalie GareauUnit public affairs representative, RMR

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Photo credit: MCpl Turcotte Photo: The signature of the parchment takes place. From left to right; CO of the 34th CBG Col Dan Chafaï, incoming CO LCol Denis and outgoing CO LCol Langlais.

Westmount, Quebec – 29 October 2015:  This past Sunday, on the 25th of October, a change of command took place between Lieutenant Colonel (LCol) Paul Langlais, outgoing commanding officer (CO), and LCol Jean-François Denis incoming CO of The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR). The ceremony took place at the home of The Royal Montreal Regiment located in the heart of Westmount.

The ceremony eventuated under the presiding officer Colonel Dan Chafaï, commander of the 34th Canadian Brigade Group (34 CBG), as well as several distinguished guests, including the honourable Peter Trent, mayor of Westmount. This was also an occasion for LCol Langlais to march at the head of The Regiment one last time and to say goodbye to The Regimental family.

In his departing speech, LCol Langlais talked about the ties the RMR holds with the various communities and how it was one of his priorities to maintain and strengthen those bonds during his command. The RMR accomplishes this by regularly parading in their affiliated cities: Westmount, Hampstead and Pointe-Claire, to which they recently exercised their freedom of the city. He took the opportunity to highlight some of the more notable changes made to the unit during his tenure as a commanding officer; noting the continued participation of members of the RMR during several exercises, the recent increase in junior leadership and senior non-commissioned officers as well as the notable increase in serving officers.

He also took the opportunity to thank those who have helped him in his journey: the Sergeant Majors, the many Captain Adjutants along with the Honorary Colonels who supported him for over four years of service as CO, not forgetting his devoted partner, with whose patience and support allowed his dedicated service to be possible.
It is with honour and confidence that he then proceeded to hand over the Queen’s and the Regimental Colours to LCol Denis.

A new CO takes up the sword of the RMR!

Before parading at the head of the regiment, LCol Denis addressed his troops for the first time as their commanding officer. He spoke of previous and upcoming challenges that The Regiment will face together and of how he’s committed to living up to the expectations of the RMR while striving to work towards continuing the work started by LCol Langlais.

The Regimental family wishes all the best to the outgoing CO in all his future endeavours and welcomes the new commanding officer.

A copy of this article was published in Volume 22 – number 9 of Servir (page 6). 

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