RMR Foundation

The RMR Foundation is a non-profit incorporated body, which has a clear mission statement to “Serve the best interests of The Royal Montreal Regiment and accept such tasks designated by the Trustees to help any member body of the Regimental Family.”

Notable amongst its contributions over the years have been:

  1. Raising the fund to build the RMR’s Armoury in 1925 (yes, that’s right – it was built with private funds, not by the Canadian government), which was dedicated to the memory of the 1,192 men of all ranks of the Regiment who made the supreme sacrifice during the First World War. Subsequently the dedication was extended to include those who died in the defence of freedom during World War II.

  2. Securing a lease with Westmount for the land on which the RMR’s Armoury rests for 99 years at the princely sum of a dollar a year.  Our rent is paid annually in a ceremony in May, immediately following Church Parade.

  3. Purchasing the bulk of the furniture & fixtures within the present-day Armoury.

  4. Funding all of the RMR’s internal awards (Best Soldier, Most Improved Soldier, etc.) over the history of the Regiment.

  5. Providing emergency financial assistance to deserving RMR soldiers, upon request of the CO.

  6. Providing “seed money” or capital for RMR heritage projects.

  7. Most importantly, maintaining the Armoury as it was originally intended: A memorial to our RMR comrades who paid the supreme sacrifice.

Examples of awards & trophies funded by the RMR Foundation:

* *

Cadet Support

Colonel Trent Cup

(Fittest Soldier)

Best Marksman Trophy

In 2013 the Trustees voted unanimously to change the name from WAMA to “Royal Montreal Regiment Foundation” (‘RMR Foundation’ for short) in order to make it more obvious to both those donating to, and those benefiting from, just precisely who the organization is.

The mission & mandate of the RMR Foundation remains unchanged from WAMA’s:

  1. Administer and act as custodian to all of the assets belonging to the Foundation for the benefit of this member bodies and/or of the RMR family.

  2. Be responsible for and maintain those portions of the Westmount Armoury designated as memorials to the Fallen Comrades to The Royal Montreal Regiment (example: the plaque on the North of the parade square).

  3. Provide assistance for the needs of The Royal Montreal Regiment family.

  4. Advise on request, the Commanding Officer of The Royal Montreal Regiment or any of its affiliated units.

  5. Promote the role of the Militia or Reserve Forces within the Canadian Armed Forces and the City of Westmount.

  6. Lobby for the promotion of a more effective Canadian Defence Force with a strong Militia controlled by Reservists.

The RMR Foundation is a registered charitable organization and all financial contributions are gratefully accepted.   Contributors will receive a tax receipt and every donation made online will have a receipt automatically emailed to the donor.  Cheques are still gratefully received, and can be care of:

RMR Foundation 4625 Ste-Catherine Street West, Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1S4

The President of the Board is the typically the RMR’s Honorary Colonel and the Vice-President is the typically the Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel.   Other Trustees are elected from time to time from nominations recommended by serving Trustees, and generally come from a solid RMR and/or affiliated community background.

Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.