RMR Helps Serve Supper to Montreal’s Homeless

Westmount, Quebec – 08 December 2021: Five members of the serving battalion and three members of the RMR Association served supper at the Old Brewery Mission (OBM) last night, getting a first-hand experience of homelessness in Montreal.

The RMR family has been supporting the OBM’s Sentinels of the Streets program for homeless veterans for a number of years now, donating time and money to help the cause. The serving battalion has been contributing through their ‘RMR Workplace Charitable Campaign’ as well as this autumn’s ‘RMR Fundraising Run‘, and the RMR Association (Branch 14, Royal Canadian Legion) has been a regular contributor through the donations received during the annual Poppy Campaign.

In attendance representing the RMR Association were Comrades Thibault, Stibernik and Hall (all three Canadian Armed Forces veterans of United Nations Missions during the 1970’s and 80’s). Representing The Royal Montreal Regiment were Corporals Aliaga, Catudal, Doughty, Enriquez and Medina-Pradel.

It is estimated that veterans make up approximately 5% of Montreal’s homeless population. Homeless and at-risk veterans have unique needs related to chronic health problems, and mental health or addiction issues. The Old Brewery Mission provides support services tailored specifically at veterans to help stabilize their situation and help them rebuild their lives. You can learn more about their program for homeless veterans here.

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