RMR holds annual Church Parade

The RMR’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Maciej Jonasz, hands the regimental colour to the Saint Matthias minister, Reverend Wheeler, for reconsecration as part of the RMR’s annual church parade service: 05 May 2024.

Westmount, Quebec – 08 May 2024: On Sunday morning 05 May 2024, the RMR, along with Branch 14 (RMR Association) and the affiliated Cadet units, marched in a steady rain to their regimental church, Saint Matthias, and conducted their traditional annual church parade.

The Royal Montreal Regiment’s annual church parade is a significant tradition in which members of the regiment gather for a religious service to commemorate their heritage and reaffirm their commitment to duty.

On the designated day, the regiment assembles in full ceremonial attire, including their distinctive uniforms, badges, and accoutrements. The parade begins with a solemn march from their armoury to their regimental church, accompanied by a military band playing martial tunes.

Once at the church, the Regiment participates in a religious service, which may include prayers, hymns, and readings. The service is often tailored to honour the regiment’s history, values, and fallen comrades. The RMR padre and the Saint Matthias minister both typically deliver a sermon that emphasizes courage, unity, and the importance of service to the community and the nation.

The annual church parade not only serves as a spiritual gathering but also symbolizes the regiment’s connection to its community and heritage, fostering camaraderie and esprit de corps among the members. It provides an opportunity for reflection, remembrance, and the strengthening of bonds within the regimental family.

After the service, the regiment and affiliated units march back to its armoury with precision and discipline, marking the conclusion of the annual church parade. This time-honoured tradition underscores the regiment’s commitment to its historical legacy, values, and the collective spirit that defines the Royal Montreal Regiment.

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