RMR Museum Armistice Exhibition a Success!


Assistant Curator, Melanie Presseau-Dumais, pictured during an interview with CTV News at the exhibition in Victoria Hall

Westmount, Quebec – 15 November 2018: The RMR Museum announced the attendance figures from their latest exhibition War: Is It Over? The Challenge of Peace, that was held at Westmount’s Victoria Hall Gallery from 02 – 11 November 2018, as being over 1,600, including many students from local schools.

The RMR Museum has had 9,274 visitors thus far this year, a 14% increase over the entire 2018.

LCC students examining an artifact at the exhibition. Photo credit: John Mahoney / Montreal Gazette

Their latest exhibition War: Is It Over? The Challenge of Peace” explained both Canada’s involvement in the 100 days leading up to the Armistice and the difficulties of a world transitioning towards peace. It explored the duality between the pride and relief that victory brought to the Allies and the tremendous costs of that victory. Was the sacrifice worth it? How did leaders negotiate peace and the new world order? Various artifacts and interpretive panels provide a unique opportunity to interact with the Great War’s history from a new perspective.

The exhibition project was led by Marina Smyth, who recently earned the 2018 Prix Roland-Arpin from the Musée de la civilisation for her project titled Hidden Collections: The Relationship between Nationalism and Ethnographic Collections at the Museum of Ireland. You can learn more here. Congratulations, Marina!

Marina Smyth giving an interview to City TV, November 2018. Photo credit: City TV