RMR Open House

B Company training during the Open House 30 Sept 2017

Article written by Officer-Candidate S. Perchun, RMR

Lieutenant Rousseau-Filteau helping an interested youth put on the typical gear carried by an RMR infanteer

Westmount, Quebec – 07 October 2017: On September 30th, 2017 The Royal Montreal Regiment opened its doors to the public so that anyone could visit and see the great work that its members do. It was a great opportunity for any member of our society to drop by and decide for themselves if a part-time job in the Canadian Forces primary reserve is for them. Reservists are a vital component of the Canadian Army and every day they are contributing with hard work across our great nation.

The Royal Montreal Regiment made it its responsibility to offer a most realistic and objective image of what being a part of our great family is. The most dedicated members of the unit volunteered to give demonstrations of our weapons systems, field kit, dressing equipment, military vehicles, etc. Several members, from Privates to Majors, spent a great weekend offering answers to all the questions our visitors had while the rest of the unit was conducting an exercise right before the eyes of the public. Any visitor had the opportunity to see, touch and even try on all the displayed kit, enter the vehicles and feel for themselves what it is to be a soldier.

Another satisfied visitor to the RMR’s Open House!

We were very happy to have held this public event to promote part-time careers in the Reserve. Without a doubt, the public gained a better appreciation and understanding of the Army Reserve as well as many career options and opportunities that they have to offer. The next Open House the RMR will be hosting is on November 4th, 2017. Don’t miss it!

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