RMR Runners in Army Half-Marathon

Ottawa, 20 September 2015 – There were several RMR Family members running in the Canadian Army Run‘s half-marathon in Ottawa, including the dynamic Toohey-Faughnan husband & wife duo who served in the Regiment during the 1980’s and 1990’s.  If you look closely you might even spot their daughter, who was out supporting the runners.

Capt (ret'd) Toohey (Left) and Maj (ret'd) Faughnan (Right)
Capt (ret’d) Maureen Toohey (Left) and Maj (ret’d) Dan Faughnan (Right) being greeted by Juno, the Army mascot

The Regiment’s Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel also ran the half-marathon sporting the fashionable RMR Association t-shirt, and he narrowly escaped from a savage bear attack at the finish line.  He is expected to make a full recovery.

HLCol_20 Sept 2015
Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel Colin Robinson fending off the bear attack at the finish line

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