RMR Supports 2023 Last Post Remembrance Parade

RMR Command Team, Lieutenant-Colonel Maciej Jonasz (left) and Master-Warrant Officer James Quesnel, prepare to lay a wreath on behalf of the regiment. Photo credit: National Field of Honour.

Westmount, Quebec – 13 November 2023: The RMR’s command team represented the Regiment on Saturday’s Remembrance Day ceremony at the National Field of Honour in Pointe-Claire, Quebec, which serves as a solemn and significant place dedicated to honoring Canadian veterans and military personnel. Its mission and purpose are primarily focused on:

  1. Commemoration: The National Field of Honour is a place of remembrance and commemoration for Canadian veterans who have served their country, particularly those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in times of war and peace.
  2. Burial Ground: It serves as a final resting place for veterans, offering them a dignified and honorable burial. This sacred ground pays tribute to the contributions and sacrifices made by these individuals in service to Canada and is a perpetual resting place for more than 17,000 Canadian and Allied veterans.
  3. Education: The site also serves an educational role by providing visitors with historical information and context about Canada’s military history, fostering a deeper understanding of the sacrifices made by servicemen and women.
  4. Public Awareness: The National Field of Honour seeks to raise public awareness about the importance of recognizing and respecting the contributions of veterans and the role they have played in shaping Canada’s history.

In essence, the National Field of Honour in Pointe-Claire, stands as a place of reverence, remembrance, and education, ensuring that the sacrifices of Canadian veterans are never forgotten. Visitors to the site can pay their respects and gain a deeper appreciation for the country’s military heritage.

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