RMR Troops Pick Up Escorts

H.M.S. Princess Royal
10 Oct 14_MAJESTIC
H.M.S. Majestic

THIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY, 10 Oct 1914 – “Daylight on the 10th disclosed the Princess Royal and the Majestic, which had been waiting at the rendezvous for two days.  The troops gave the Princess Royal a warm ovation on the 12th when she dropped back to the convoy and steamed at 22 knots in full review past the cheering troop ships.”  [2]

10 Oct 14It has been noted previously that The Royal Montreal Regiment was divided between the transport ships Alaunia and Andania. The chart above shows the formation of the convoy as it traveled on the 10th of October after the rendezvous with the Princess Royal and Majestic, and highlights the positioning of both the Alaunia and Andania within the convoy.

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