RMR Veterans Who Handed Out Izzy Dolls Sought For Book Project

Izzy Doll
Izzy Doll, photo credit: Canadian Military Engineers Association (CMEA) website

Westmount, Quebec – 20 June 2016: Local author Anne Renaud is a writer of nonfiction, fiction and poetry for children. She is currently working on a project involving the famous “Izzy Dolls” and is looking to for any RMR veterans who have handed them out during an operational tour.

Izzy Dolls are a legacy to the late Master Corporal Mark “Izzy” Isfeld who was on his third peacekeeping tour when he was killed in a mine detonation on 21 June 1994. For more than a decade after his death, Mark’s mother Carol continued knitting the dolls and Mark’s colleagues distributed them. Several friends and other mothers across the country learned of the initiative and joined in. Carol posted the doll pattern on the Internet web so that anyone could make them and send them to Canada’s troops deployed around the world. The network of participants grew.[1]

Please contact earenaud@yahoo.com if you have information and would like to help.

[1] The Canadian Military Engineers Association website, https://cmea-agmc.ca/heritage-moment/izzy-dolls

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