“RMR weather” can’t stop Nijmegen Marching Team

Montreal, 01 May 2014 – The RMR’s Nijmegen Marching Team team toughed out the weather last night from 18h30 to 22h30, crossing the Ice Bridge and even taking a team photo with the RMR’s camp flag.  Fitting circumstances for a Team that is training to celebrate the RMR’s Centennial, because the RMR was quite literally born in the rain (first parade together as a formed Regiment in August 1914 experienced a legendary rainfall), and over the years it has always seemed that “If ain’t raining, it ain’t training”.

Despite the best efforts of the Canadian Armed Forces issued rain gear, every marcher was thoroughly soaked (especially as passing cars showered them on the Nuns island bridge) last night.  Regardless, morale was very high and turnout was great.

The RMR’s team is training for this summer’s event, for further info: http://www.royalmontrealregiment.com/rmrs-nijmegen-team-training-hard/

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