RMR’s Padre on Humanitarian Mission to Ukraine

Westmount, Quebec – 19 March 2022: The RMR’s own Padre, Captain Rici Be, has volunteered as part of his civilian ministry (Canadian Baptist Ministry) to serve as part of a humanitarian mission in Roumania to help the millions of Displaced Persons, Evacuees, and Refugees fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine. More than 300,000 refugees have come to Roumania, part of the more than 2 million refugees who have fled Ukraine in the past three weeks.

Padre Rici Be pictured in one of the several shelters he is helping construct for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Bucharest, Roumania

He landed in Roumania on 16 March 2022 and immediately set about getting to know his team of fellow volunteers (four Canadians, two Americans and one from Britain) and planning out their operations for the next two weeks. They have already started setting up beds and organizing shelters for the Ukrainian refugees.

Padre Rici Be posing with one of the assembled bunk beds

It must be stressed that Padre Be is doing this as a civilian volunteer, he has no backing from, nor is he representing, the Canadian Armed Forces in any official capacity. That being said, the RMR Family is very proud of his drive and selfless leadership to help relieve the distresses and sooth the afflictions of his fellow humans who are desperately trying to escape the grave danger posed by the invading Russian military.

Padre Rici Be and his fellow volunteers setting up a shelter for the Ukrainian refugees

He is no stranger to war. You can read on his donation page his personal story of how the Cambodian war and ensuing genocide was intertwined with his own family’s history. Like many of his fellow Canadians, his family came to Canada as a sanctuary from the bloodshed and violence they suffered at home, precisely as many Ukranians are attempting now.

Please read Padre Be’s story here and consider donating to support him in his humanitarian mission to help Ukrainian refugees. https://www.givetogo.org/rici_be

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