RMR’s Tackle Obstacle Course on EX LYNX AVENTURE

RMR soldiers attacking the obstacle course in Farnham, 07 October 2023. Photo credit: 2Lt Alexander Volcov

Article written by Second-Lieutenant Joey Carrier

Westmount, Quebec – 06 November 2023: As a Primary Reserve infantry officer, I can confidently say that the training offered by The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR) has been an incredibly enriching experience for me. This training is rigorous and demanding, requiring physical and mental strength, but the skills, knowledge, and experiences I gain from them are invaluable. The training involves various activities ranging from weapons training, drill, and physical fitness exercises, all aimed at honing my military skills. Furthermore, the extensive instruction on military ethics and operational standards has instilled in me a deep understanding of discipline, respect, and responsibility in order to enhance my readiness for deployment.

One of the most memorable experiences with the RMR was the field training exercise at Garrison Farnham on October 7, 2023. It was an exhilarating day where we were fully dressed in combat gear and got the opportunity to continue applying the extensive skills and knowledge we had acquired through our rigorous training at the RMR. Throughout the day, we engaged in several exercises designed to test our teamwork, problem-solving abilities, and leadership skills to prepare ourselves for real-world scenarios as infantry soldiers.

RMR soldiers preparing to evacuate a simulated casualty across the wet and slippery obstacle course in Farnham, 07 October 2023. Photo credit: 2Lt Alexander Volcov

The training began with team-based exercises that required us to work collaboratively and think critically under pressure. They were designed to simulate the various challenges that infantry soldiers may face during deployment. These exercises involved a series of tasks such as carrying ammunition and other military equipment through rugged terrains to test our physical and mental capabilities. The exercises proved to be an invaluable learning experience, as our trainers closely observed our performance and provided us with constructive feedback to help us improve our military skills.

After completing these exercises, we embarked on a rigorous ruck march toward our next destination, which consisted of a strenuous infantry obstacle course in the woods. The course included various obstacles such as rope climbs, crawling in muddy terrain, and running in underground tunnels designed to test our physical strength, agility, and endurance as infantry soldiers. The heavy rain that accompanied us throughout the day made the obstacle course even more challenging by making the already muddy and rocky terrain even more treacherous. However, the weather conditions played an important role in developing our physical endurance and mental fortitude by allowing us to learn how to adapt to unpredictable situations. Once the obstacle course was completed, the field training session ended with another rigorous ruck march back to the military base.

RMR soldiers improvising ways to cross the obstacle course in Farnham, 07 October 2023. Photo credit: 2Lt Alexander Volcov

The field training day proved to be a challenging yet rewarding experience. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to participate in such an enriching experience that has helped me grow both personally and professionally. I witnessed a noticeable improvement in my physical fitness and military skills, as it pushed me outside my comfort zone, enabling me to discover my true potential. This challenging training day built not only endurance, strength, and resilience for me personally but also strengthened our camaraderie as a team within the RMR. I emerged from this exercise with a newfound respect for the physical and mental demands of military service and a heightened sense of confidence in my abilities as a soldier.

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