RMR’s take top spots on BMQ 2301

RMR CO, Lieutenant-Colonel Jonasz (far left), and the RMR’s RSM, Master-Warrant Officer Quesnel (far right), pose with an RMR instructor, Master-Corporal Mai (centre) and four of the five RMR candidates who graduated from BMQ 2301: Left to Right: Privates Popp and Gao, Second-Lieutenant Volcov, and Private Najim. Not pictured is Private Luksha who not present for parade, but did complete the BMQ.

Westmount, Quebec – 19 March 2023: Five RMR’s graduated from Basic Military Qualification course 2301, with two of them taking the top candidate spots: Private Popp (1st) and Second-Lieutenant Volcov (2nd). The Basic Military Qualification (BMQ) course is a mandatory training program for all new Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) recruits, including reservists. The BMQ course is designed to provide new recruits with the essential knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be effective members of the CAF.

Private Popp (left) receiving the first place trophy and 2Lt Volkov receiving second place. The trophies being awarded by the Battle School commander, former RMR CO, Lieutenant-Colonel Shone.

The BMQ course for reservists typically consists of a 10-week training program that is conducted on weekends and evenings, over a period of several months. The training is divided into two main phases: Basic Military Qualification – Land (BMQ-L) and Basic Military Qualification – Common (BMQ-C).

The BMQ-L phase focuses on basic military skills and knowledge related to ground operations. The training covers topics such as military drill, navigation, weapons handling, fieldcraft, first aid, and physical fitness.

The BMQ-C phase builds on the skills and knowledge acquired during the BMQ-L phase and covers more advanced topics such as leadership, military ethics, human rights, and the role of the CAF in Canadian society.

Throughout the BMQ course, reservists are expected to maintain high standards of discipline and conduct, and are subject to strict military regulations and routines. The training is physically and mentally demanding, and recruits are required to pass a series of tests and evaluations in order to successfully complete the course.

Upon completion of the BMQ course, reservists will have acquired the basic skills and knowledge necessary to serve as effective members of the CAF, and will be eligible to pursue further training and career opportunities, typically the Basic Occupational Qualification Training as the next step.

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