RSM Trophy awarded to Sergeant Lamb

Sergeant Lamb with the RSM’s trophy, flanked by the Regimental Sergeant-Major, Master-Warrant Officer Quesnel and the outgoing Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Shone. Photo credit: Corporal Ene.

Westmount, Quebec – 30 August 2022: The RSM Trophy, named in honour of former Sergeant Yousif Butera, is awarded to the top Sergeant of the Regiment who has displayed the highest standard of dress and deportment along with excellent mentorship and coaching towards his subordinates being the epitome of what a RMR NSO should be.

The Regiment’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Shone, and the Regimental Sergeant-Major, Master Warrant Officer Quesnel, were pleased to announce at the Regiment’s battalion review parade held on 15 May 2022 that Sergeant Lamb had earned the RSM Trophy for the 2021-22 training year.

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