Sergeant David’s leadership sets the standard

Sergeant Joseph David receives the Canadian Army Command Team coin from Chief Warrant Officer James Smith in Farnham, Quebec.

Farnham, Quebec – 21 July 2022: In an informal ceremony while visiting 2nd Division troops conducting individual training in the battle school at Farnham, the Canadian Army Sergeant-Major, Chief Warrant Officer James Smith, took a moment to formally recognize one of the RMR’s leaders by awarding him the Canadian Army Command Team coin for his tremendous leadership while serving as Camp Mayor. Honouring someone with a commander’s coin has become a tradition in the Canadian Forces over the past couple of decades as a way for senior leadership to show their appreciation for a phenomenal job on the spot. It is more than just a thank you or a pat on the back, it is something tangible to remember the moment by, and Sergeant David is certainly worthy of his coin!

The official narrative that accompanied the award is below:

“Le Sergent David reçoit le coin du SM de l’AC pour son leadership positif, son dévouement et sa capacité à crée un environnement de travail propice au développement de ses subalternes. En tant que Maire des camps et Cmdt/A du Pon de GDs, le Sgt David a dépassé les attentes de ses superviseurs dans ses tâches. Il n’hésite pas à s’impliquer et aider l’organisation grâce à ses contacts et son expérience qui font de lui un atout pour la Cie F. Son dévouement envers les cours de la Cie F et sa capacité à crée une ambiance de travail agréable est apprécié de tous.”

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