Sergeant Stewart-Waywell Earns RSM’s Trophy for 2022-23 Training Year

LCol Maciej Jonasz (left) and MWO James Quesnel present the RSM’s Trophy to Sgt Stewart-Waywell. Photo credit: Corporal Yeung

Westmount, Quebec – 03 June 2023: On Sunday afternoon 07 May 2023, during a Battalion Review parade following the traditional annual church parade, Sergeant Thomas Stewart-Waywell was awarded the RSM’s Trophy. The citation reads:

This trophy is awarded annually at the Church Parade to the best senior RMR NCO, in honour and commemoration of Sgt Yozef Butera. As Sgt Butera exemplified, the RMR senior NCO who demonstrates year after year an exemplary conduct in every situation, diligence, attentiveness to their dress, appearance, and the honour of the unit, as well as perfect acquaintance with his duties will receive the RSM’s Trophy. Dedication and loyalty to the RMR and the CAF, as well as exceptional leadership, mentorship and professionalism are the epitome of what an RMR NCO represents and always strives for and thus are amongst the main selection criteria.

Congratulations, Sergeant Stewart-Waywell!