Six CO’s Commendations awarded

Top left to bottom right: MCpl Randall-Coss, Mcpl Cowling, Cpl Bell, and Cpl Lachance. Photo credit: MCpl Laurent Ene.
Westmount, Quebec – 09 May 2019: As part of the RMR’s battalion review parade held at the armoury on Sunday 05 May 2019, six deserving NCO’s and soldiers were presented with the Commanding Officer’s Commendation. The citations read as follows:

Master-Corporal Randall-Coss: “Since his promotion to the rank of MCpl, MCpl Randall-Coss has continuously achieved professional competence and pursued self-improvement. He has repeatedly shown initiative in taking on challenging tasks, such as when he volunteered to be Captain of the RMR Ball Hockey Team after it lost its key leaders. He has proven himself able to motivate his subordinates while earning the esteem of his peers and superiors. MCpl Randall-Coss has shown himself to be the embodiment of what is expected from a junior leader at the RMR and he is an example to all.

Master-Corporal Stewart-Waywell – no photo available as he is currently on his Sergeant’s Course in Gagetown and will be presented his Commendation at a later date: “MCpl Stewart-Waywell has gone above and beyond his reservist commitments this training year. While employed on Class B within the G8 staff of the 34 CBG HQ, he nevertheless maintained excellent attendance for RMR activities, where his presence provided superior mentoring and training opportunities to the RMR’s infanteers. His dedication and voluntary service was an important contribution to the RMR’s success over the past year and mark him as a promising junior leader deserving of recognition.”

Master-Corporal Cowling: “While employed on a Class B as Storesman for the 34 CBG Battle School, MCpl Cowling took on the position of Bravo Company CQMS for most of the training year – a position above his rank and qualifications which he nonetheless completed with great professionalism. This accomplishment is a testament to his dedication and ability to quickly plan and adapt to changing circumstances. The RMR recognizes the importance of the tasks MCpl Cowling was assigned and applauds his success in fulfilling them.”

Corporal Giraldo – no photo available as he was deployed on Op LENTUS assisting with the flood relief and will be presented his Commendation at a later date: “While employed on Class B with the G8 Cell of 34 CBG HQ, Cpl Giraldo repeatedly volunteered throughout the training year to fill critical positions on RMR tasks, exercises, deployments, and instruction serials. Without his selfless devotion, Bravo Company’s output would have been severely affected. Cpl Giraldo has shown himself to be the embodiment of what is expected from an NCM in the Reserve Force. His dedication is an example to all..”

Corporal Bell: “While employed on a Class B as a Storesman for the 34 CBG Battle School, Cpl Bell volunteered to be one of Bravo Company’s Combat Clerks. This sacrifice allowed the RMR to accomplish tasks that otherwise would not have been feasible. Cpl Bell’s sense of unit pride and commitment in providing voluntary service is worthy of recognition and stands as an example to all.”

Corporal Lachance: “Cpl Lachance’s performance as the RMR’s Recruiting NCO has been outstanding. Thanks to his efforts, the RMR met 100% of its recruiting quota for Officers and 271% of its quota for NCM positions. Total enrollments increased over 2½ times from the previous year and exceeded the Regiment’s recruiting objectives by that same amount. Cpl Lachance repeatedly sacrificed his time and energy to ensure the ongoing strength of the Regiment so that a new generation of soldiers stands ready to serve. His perseverance is an example to all.”


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