Strong finish for 2806 (RMR) Cadets on Summer Training

Westmount, Quebec – 31 August 2019: Two cadets from the RMR’s Pointe-Claire Cadet Corps certainly set the standard during their summer camps!

Cadet WO James Jing leaving the drop zone, August 2019. Photo credit: Capt K. Thomas

Cadet Sergeant Patrick Martel-Eastmond qualified for the Fullbore marksmanship course in 2020, which puts him in the running to represent Canada at Bisley in 2020.

The selection to the national rifle team is a 2 year process which begins with 80 Army Cadets from across Canada who attend the fullbore phase 1 course at Connaught CTC. Cadets are ranked by their scores and by their conduct on and off the range. The top 30 cadets move on to the fullbore marksman phase 2 course the following summer.

On that course they compete in a the national cadet fullbore championship, and two civilian competitions: the Ontario Rifle Association (ORA) provincial competition, and finally the Canadian Fullbore Rifle Championship (CFRC) hosted by the Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA). At the end of the seven week course, the top 18 cadets are selected as the following summer’s Royal Canadian Army Cadet National Rifle Team (RCAC NRT).

Sgt Patrick Martel–Eastmond , 4th from right, with the other Cadets selected for 2020 Fullbore Marksman Phase 2 course. Photo credit: Capt K. Thomas

These 18 cadets will represent Canada at the 151st Imperial Meeting in Bisley, UK – the premier marksmanship competition in the Commonwealth. Best of luck to Cadet Sergeant Patrick Martel-Eastmond next year!

Cadets on the range for the Fullbore Marksman Phase 2 course. Photo credit: Connaught Cadets Facebook Page

The Canadian Forces Basic Parachutist Course provides cadets an opportunity to develop the skills and knowledge to become a Canadian Forces Basic Paratrooper. This is the only Regular Force qualification that a Cadet can earn, and the standards for selection and completion of the Basic Parachute Course are the same for Army Cadets and the Canadian Armed Forces.

Cadet Warrant Officer James Jing is the latest from 2806 to successfully earn his wings, having been dedicated enough to push himself physically to be one of the 50 cadets selected each year to start the course. To complete the course, each candidate must meet every challenging criteria of the course, both on the field and in the classroom in addition to successfully landing five jumps, including one at night.

Cadet Warrant Officer James Jing proudly wearing his wings. Photo credit: Capt K. Thomas