TEWT-ing around the Battle of Crysler’s Farm

Crysler’s Farm participants (from the left: MWO Quesnel, 2Lt Breau, Sgt DeLutis, Capt Banica, Capt Furholter, Maj Jonasz, 2Lt Ray. Photo credit: LCol Shone

Article written by Second-Lieutenant Kai Breau

Westmount, Quebec – 13 May 2022: On April 23rd, officers and NCOs from the RMR participated in the second TEWT of the training year. The location was the site of the battle of Crysler’s Farm in the War of 1812. Upon arriving on site, we saw the monuments built to commemorate the battle and, at the top of the hill, where some old British guns lay, we discussed the course of the battle.

Discussing the company sustainment plan (from the left: Capt Furholter, Capt Banica, Maj Jonasz. Photo credit: MWO Quesnel)

Although vastly outnumbered, the superior training and discipline of their soldiers, as well as the planning and command of Colonel J.W. Morrison, led the British to victory. The importance of synchronization becomes blatantly apparent, as the U.S. forces struggled to get their much needed guns to the line were they could be of use. The British even managed to capture an American gun in the disarray as the remaining U.S. troops were forced to retreat. Although much of where the original battle had taken place was now under water, being up on that hill and seeing where 800 British troops were able to defeat and rappel American soldiers numbering in the thousands was insightful and inspiring.

A pause for lunch – nothing like warm IMPs on a chilly day (from the left: Sgt DeLutis, 2Lt Breau, Lcol Shone, 2Lt Ray. Photo credit: MWO Quesnel)

As junior officers, 2Lt Ray and I, were then tasked with positioning our respective platoons and preparing a defensive position next to the old battlefield. With guidance from the CO, LCol Shone and the DCO, Maj Jonasz, we were able to find solutions to many of the problems we faced preparing a defensive in scattered tree lines, uneven ground, and tall grass.

2Lt Ray backbriefing his platoon position (from the left: Sgt DeLutis, Capt Furholter, 2Lt Breau, 2Lt Ray, Lcol Shone, Capt Banica. Photo credit: MWO Quesnel)

The beauty of the TEWT is in its simplicity, as the amount of preparation pales in comparison to the knowledge and insight gained. I believe that 2Lt Ray, as well as myself, are now more adequately prepared for our courses this summer thanks to the Crysler’s Farm TEWT.