The Intercom


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intercom1The INTERCOM is the RMR’s internal newsletter, which originally got it’s start as “The Bugler” in 1914 on the troopship carrying the Regiment overseas to the UK for further training.  Censorship quickly squashed the initiative, but the Regiment tried again in 1916 with “The Growler” – which also brought down the wrath of the Canadian Corps staff upon the RMR, which goes to validate the phrase once quoted by an RSM of the RMR: “No good deed goes unpunished”…!

interco2During the Second World War the Regiment had two battalions, the 1st serving overseas, and the 2nd as a Home unit stationed in Westmount. In an effort to boost morale and keep the lines of communication open between the two battalions, the “Intercomn” (note the “n”) was born.  It was an extremely detailed publication that still provides excellent historical evidence today.

The current “Intercom” (the “n” has been dropped at some point since the 1950’s, perhaps as part of budget restraints?) is published on an ad-hoc basis and is intended to keep the friend & family of the Regiment up to speed with the accomplishments of the current serving members of the Regiment.