Three new Junior Leaders promoted

Left to right: MCpl Hollingdrake, MCpl Ruscito, and MCpl Vallieres.

Westmount, Quebec – 22 November 2021: As part of the battalion review following the Westmount Remembrance Day service, the following members were promoted to Master-Corporal by the RMR’s Commanding Officer, Lieutenant-Colonel John Shone:

Master-Corporal Hollingdrake

Master-Corporal Ruscito

Master-Corporal Vallieres

The rank of Master-Corporal (MCpl) is an important stepping-stone on the career progression of an NCO, particularly in an Infantry regiment like the RMR, where MCpl’s are typically employed as Section Second-in-Command (2ic), reporting to a Sergeant and responsible for the administration of eight to 10 soldiers, known as a “rifle section”. More often than not, given the operational requirements of the Canadian Army Reserves, the MCpl ends up commanding the rifle section in the absence of the Sergeants who are pulled out for other taskings.

The first mark of a leader is someone who ‘seeks and accepts responsibility’, so Bravo to the Master-Corporals who have made the conscious decision to embark on a journey of leadership. It will be a journey marked by challenges, hard work, and little recognition – and we will never be able to progress without these young leaders putting their hands up and saying “I’ll do it” – so, well done MCpl Hollingdrake, MCpl Ruscito, and MCpl Vallieres.

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