Tribute to Sergeant Yozef Butera

Westmount, Quebec – 16 May 2020: The following tribute to former Sergeant Yozef Butera who died in a car accident last week was written by his friends in the RMR. They have also organized a fundraiser in his name to support his family, please consider donating.

Sgt Yozef “Boots” Butera, joined the Canadian Armed Forces in May 2008 as a member of The Royal Montreal Regiment (RMR). During his military career, he quickly demonstrated his leadership and professionalism. He was promoted to the rank of Sgt in September of 2015. During his career, he was a mentor, an exceptional teacher and a role model for many infanteers seeking to earn their place at the RMR. He taught them the tricks of the trade during their career courses and in garrison.

Escorts to the RMR Colours at the regimental church, Saint Matthias in Westmount. Left to Right: Sergeants Jasmin, Oleshko, and Butera.

Yozef was always very charismatic and met all the qualities of an excellent leader which was an inspiration for all at the RMR. He was recognized by his peers and the RSM of the RMR, as he received the best NCO award for the year of 2016 when he met and surpassed all expectations set by his chain of command.  As a result of his dedication, it is thanks to Yozef that the RMR ranks have maintained and upheld utmost respectability, values, and competence.  

Sergeant Yozef Butera receiving the ‘NCO of the Year’ award for 2016 from Chief-Warrant Officers McIntyre (former RSM, left) and David Cochrane (the serving RSM in 2016)

Sgt Yozef Butera graduated from John Abbott College with honors from the Department of Police Technology and he went on to graduate from John Molson School of Business in B.Comm Business Management. He released from the Canadian Armed Forces in December 2019  to pursue a career in his field in the private sector. 

Sgt Yozef Butera was an incredibly positive and energetic person. He held strong values, gaining the respect and admiration of anyone who knew him. Yozef was a man of charm and humour, who always put his family and loved ones first. He was an amazing friend, brother and son. He had a great passion for his dogs and appreciated the finer things in life. With a love for travel, culture, and people, Yozef was constantly curious, outgoing, and seeking adventure. A pint of Guinness was always his drink of choice in the WO’s & Sgts’ mess. Yozef was a true gentleman, and we were incredibly lucky to have known him. 

Sergeant Yozef Butera on parade with his soldiers.

Possibly the best quote that sums up Sgt Butera’s impact on the Regiment:

“Hey Private, do you know the difference between “us” and “them”?

“uhhhhh no Sgt? “

“Discipline and training. Now chin up, shoulders wide, you’re not some punk anymore, You’re a member of the RMR.”

Sgt Yozef “Boots” Butera 

The pain of having lost a brother such as Yozef is one that the RMR family will endure for years to come. Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense.

The Regimental Family 

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