Welcome to the Regiment, Master-Warrant Officer Quesnel!

Left to right: HCol Colin Robinson, LCol John Shone, MWO Jim Quesnel, and CWO Stephan Leroux. Photo credit: Corporal Hunter Yeung.

Westmount, Quebec – 06 November 2021: On the battalion review held in the armoury after the Remembrance Day service in Westmount today, Master-Warrant Officer James Quesnel was officially badged into the RMR by the Honorary Colonel, Lieutenant-Colonel (ret’d) Colin Robinson. It was a homecoming of sorts, given that he had spent nearly four years with Pointe-Claire Cadet Corps 2806 (RMR), attaining the rank of Cadet Regimental Sergeant-Major before he joined the reserves. His extensive military career has seen him qualify on pretty much everything an Infanteer can, from machine-guns to driving light armoured vehicles, to everything in between.

MWO Quesnel graduated from Concordia University in 1992 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce and has taken graduate level courses at McGill University in Operations Management. Describing himself as a “classic Class ‘A’ Reservist, he currently works as a distribution centre manager for a craft brewing ingredient corporation, and he has even worked at Esprit de Corps (the Canadian Military magazine based in Ottawa).

Left to Right: GPE A Coy OC (Major Jonacz) and CSM (WO Quesnel) enjoying the balmy Valcartier weather in January 2020. Photo credit: Captain Carmossino

He first came to serve with the RMR in 2019 as the Company Sergeant-Major for the GPE Company commanded by Major Maciej Jonacz, and he is currently occupying the position at the RMR as the Quarter Master Senior Instructor (QMSI) a position usually held by the Senior MWO whom is next in the line of succession to be appointed RSM. He is also currently serving as the J-Coy CSM with the 34 CBG Battle School, looking after the career and trade courses.

Welcome back to the Regiment, MWO Quesnel – the badge looks good on you!

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