Canadian Army Reserve Full-Time Summer Employment

Master Corporal Neil Mitchell (centre) Royal Winnipeg Rifles, calculates the enemy position with Corporal Kyle Vermette and Master Corporal Anthony Justin Duke during a reconnaissance patrol on Exercise BISON WARRIOR held in Canadian Forces Base Shilo, Manitoba. ©2017 DND/MDN Canada

Westmount, Quebec – 14 March 2018: The Minister of Defence issued a communiqué yesterday announcing the launch of the Full-Time Summer Employment program which will have a direct effect current serving RMR soldiers as well as new recruits. Relevant excerpts of the communiqué are below:

“The Government of Canada is standing by its commitment of creating additional, high-quality jobs that will directly benefit Canada’s middle class and Canadian youth. As outlined in Canada’s Defence Policy: Strong, Secure, Engaged, the Canadian Armed Forces is committed to employing new and recently enrolled members of the Reserves. Starting this summer, Canadian Army Reservists in their first four years of service can partake in the Full-Time Summer Employment program, from May 1 to August 31. During this time they will gain unique and relevant work experience while learning valuable life and leadership skills.

Through this initiative, Army Reserve members will receive competitive pay, learn valuable military skills, and gain experience that will set them up for success. Furthermore, Army Reserve members will conduct training within a selected military occupation that could lead to various employment opportunities in support of Canada’s defence commitments at home and abroad.

Guaranteed annual summer employment from May 1 to August 31 will also provide Army Reservists the training necessary for career progression. If certain members are identified as potential future Army Reserve junior leaders, they will also undergo leadership training during this period. The Full-Time Summer Employment initiative is available to new recruits, and also available to current Army Reservists who joined as of 2015″

For more information, view the official DND backgrounder page here.