Extra Navigation Training for “B” Coy Members

Article written by Private Faiz, “B” Coy, RMR

Photo credit: Corporal Yeung.

Ile-Perrot, Quebec – 7 October 2019: B-Coy’s participation in a civilian orienteering event that took place in Ile Perrot, West Island on October 6th 2019 to further enhance their navigation skills.

The participating members met up at 0845 at the Royal Montreal Regiment to head towards the destination and begin the event at 10h00. Before the activity began, we were all briefed by OC B on what it consisted of and what was the objective to achieve.  The exercise offered 4 levels of difficulty; novice (2.4km), intermediate (3.1km), short advanced (4.7km) and long advanced (8km). Our goal was to finish the long advanced level by navigating through the forests and cornfields of Ile Perrot to reach 18 points designated on the map given to us by the civilian personnel hosting this event.

The distance between each of these points varied from around kilometer to 100 meters. Once we reached one of these points, we used the device we received to indicate our presence to ensure we haven’t missed a point and track our progress. This activity proved to be ideal for it sharpened our knowledge in navigating thus improving our overall competence as soldiers. The event finished at 14h00 and we all had rations for lunch. Amongst the RMR participants, Major Jonasz finished first, followed by Cpl Randall-Coss in second place and Pte Faiz in third.