War: Is it Over? The Challenge of Peace


Westmount, Quebec – 15 October 2018: The RMR Museum announced their latest exhibition War: Is It Over? The Challenge of Peace , to be held at Westmount’s Victoria Hall Gallery from 02 – 11 November 2018. Hours are from 10h00 – 21h00 weekdays, and 10h00 – 17h00 weekends, admission is free.

BACKGROUND:  One hundred years ago, on 11 November 1918, Germany and the Allied powers signed an armistice that put an end to four years of the bloodiest warfare the world had ever witnessed: Millions of lives lost and empires destroyed across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. When the victorious Allies wrote the terms of the Armistice and those of the Treaty of Versailles, they did so with the goal of creating a lasting peace, despite their different ideas about what that meant.

The RMR Museum’s exhibition War: Is It Over? The Challenge of Peace” explains both Canada’s involvement in the 100 days leading up to the Armistice and the difficulties of a world transitioning towards peace. It explores the duality between the pride and relief that victory brought to the Allies and the tremendous costs of that victory. Was the sacrifice worth it? How did leaders negotiate peace and the new world order? Come and explore to answer those questions for yourself! Various artifacts and interpretive panels provide a unique opportunity to interact with the Great War’s history from a new perspective.


Reservations are necessary due to limited space. Bus parking available on request. Admission is free and an activity sheet can be provided for a more in-depth interaction with the exhibition’s content if teachers so desire. Recommended for students Grade 5 and up. Contact by email to make your reservation: education@jemesouviens.org