Double Volunteers For Junior Officer Selection

THIS DAY IN RMR HISTORY, 15 September 1914 – Early in September, The Globe’s correspondent reported that the task of selecting the junior infantry officers had commenced early in the month.  There were nearly two candidates for every post.  The minister of Militia had appointed a board of officers composed of Col. S.B. Steele of the Lord Strathcona’s Horse, President; Col. M.C. Mercer of the Queen’s Own, and Col. D. Watson of Quebec, to inquire into the record of the officers now at the camp who had volunteered for service with the overseas expeditionary force.  Every officer below the rank of battalion commander had to pass an examination, and merit alone was to count in the making of appointments.  [1]


[1]  From: W. Marchington, Staff Correspondent, “Canadian Soldiers Eager For Service,” The Globe (1844-1936), Toronto, Ontario, September 3, 1914, pg. 2.


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